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Non-surgical blepharoplasty

Often when people speak of blepharoplasty without cuts, they mean transcongual plastic surgery of the lower eyelids – when the incision is made by the surgeon on the inner side of the lower eyelid and after the surgery, there are no visible traces, such as stitches or scars.

But in our practice, when we speak of eyelid surgery without cuts we mean a totally different approach !

Non-surgical blepharoplasty

One of the most recurrent problem for patient that come to us asking for a blepharoplasty is a formation of « bags  under the eyes ». Often they don’t see that the problem is present on a totally different level, and generally the problem is the teardrop groove.

When we use the traditional blepharoplasty approach to treat this problem, we end up with patients that get either dark circles under the eyes, or worse, a lower eyelid deviation and an unaesthetic deepening under the eyes !

In our opinion we need to take a totally different approach to this problem !
By adding volume under the lower eyelid, we can not only hide the excess fat (due to the leveling of the excess fat and the cavity under the tear sulcus). But we can also achieve a smooth and rejuvenated lower eyelid, surrounding skin. this is due to a fact that the transplanted fat is rich in growth factors, and this starts a rejuvenating process on a cellular level in the eyelid and in all the surrounding skin

Name role
TGFB1 transforming growth factor Beta 1   Eliminate the probability of skin inflammation, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, eliminate cell apoptosis (programed cell death)
PDGF Platelet-derived growth factors   plays a major role in the process of survival and regeneration of cells
IGF1 Insulin-like growth factors   Growth stimulation, cell migration, synthesis of collagen
FGF1 Fibroplast growth factors   increase the growth of blood vessels, increase the quantity of fibroplasts
EGF Epidermal growth factor  kickstart the processus of renewal and cell division
VEGF Vasculo-endothelial growth factor  increase blood flow

In the table you can see some of grow factors that are present in the transplanted fat, and their role in the rejuvenation process.

Before and after picture:
In this case the lipofiling procedure helped to get rid off « bags undertake eyes » and to level the lower eyelid with the cheekbones.

  before after picture lipofiling

This operation is only possible if the patient does not have excess skin! Patients with excess skin under the eyes will need to have the excess skin removed

Non Surgical blepharoplasty Price Dr.Grishkyan clinic Moscow


Операция Ценa
Липофилинг средней зоны лица, включая нижние веки   132000
Липофилинг верхних век (включая забор жира)   84000
Липофилинг нижних век (включая забор жира0   84000

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