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Eyelid Lipofiling

Eyelid Lipofiling – the procedure consist in transplanting the patient own fat tissues in the upper or lower eyed.
This is done to gain additional volume or when other aesthetic correction is required, for example correction of asymmetry.

Indications that you may need eyelid lipofiling

In our opinion, this procedure is indispensable in almost all the cases when a patient contact us for a traditional blepharoplasty.
This method is also frequently used as a stand alone procedure, to correct most of the aging symptoms on the eyelids (since with age, the amount of fat in the area of the eyelids becomes noticeably thinner and the fat itself migrates and deforms).

With time loss of volume in fat tissues causes the lateral edge of the eyebrow and eyelid to fall.
This creates excess skin and ptosis of the upper eyelid. By filing the void in this area (sometime with the help of a lifting), we can replace the eyebrow in it original anatomic position. By doing this we can solve the problem of excess skin problem on the upper eyelid, without resorting to a more invasive traditional blepharoplasty operation.
For most patients under 40 years old, with small amounts of excess skin we can achieve great results with this method.
You can learn more about the importance of fat tissue for your beauty in our article .

Before and after pictures of eyelid lipofling procedures

Eyelid lipofiling moscow

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In this video you can see how the procedure is applied on the upper eyelid

As for the lipofilling of the lower eyelids, it is relevant both with a pronounced lacrimal groove, and in the presence of fat protrusions.
With the help of the restoration of the volume and alignment of the lower eyelid region it is possible to camouflage the fat protrusions and to fill the lacrimal groove.

Thus, in the absence of a large quantity of excess skin, lipofilling can restore a smooth surface and volume of both the upper and lower eyelid, without resorting to the removal of intraorbital fat.

In addition, eyelid lipofilling allows to correct such aesthetic deficiencies as asymmetry of the eyelids (natural or acquired) and to correct complications after an unsuccessful eyelid plastic surgery.

Another significant advantage of eyelid lipofiling is the rejuvenating process it starts on a cellular level. This is due to the presence of a large amount of growth factor in the fat tissue, as a result 100% of patients notice a significant improvement in skin quality !

Lipofiling of the lower eyelid

Eyelid lipofiling price in Dr. Grishkyan clinic in Moscow

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