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Фото до и после Lips lipofiling

Shape, size, volume, color, this are some of the characteristic that can be attributed to lips.
Contrary to men, women are often concerned by this characteristics ! Most women dream of a perfectly sized, and shaped mouth, with a natural and aesthetic look !

Hyper-corrected lips are no longer in fashion, and those who (by following a trend or blindly seeking beauty) have increased their lips to unnatural dimensions are now seeking the helps of surgeons with hopes to return their natural size and shape !

Today we can change most of the lips characteristics not only with cosmetological procedure, but also with surgery.
It should be noted that cosmetology has done some incredible progress in this field, mostly by using Hyaluronic fillers. Also it is worth saying that nowadays cosmetologist and their patients have a better taste and a great restrain, this allows them to avoid hyper-corrected lips and aids to obtain a more natural result.

In general most of the women that require our help in regards to their lips suffer from lowered lips corners, lack of volume, asymmetry, or over pronounced upper lip.
This problems are not always related to the natural aging proses, and often have an innate origin.
It is worth noticing that often the unsatisfactory appearance of the mouth is related to the entire perioral area.
A non appealing mouth (or even face) can be the result of a large distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip, or to of overly developed muscles around the DOA, as a result this muscles pull down the corners of the mouth and form wrinkles.
Often we can find a group of specific problems on the perioral areas on smoking women, they have a large amount of small wrinkles around the lips (that get worse du to the aging process), also they often have a dryer then usual skin, and they lose their natural lips color.

Lip augmentation or modeling – what to choose?

A lot of women are interested in augmenting or changing their lips size, but nowadays aesthetic medicine is no longer concerned with just adding volume.
We focus on modeling the lips by using the patient own fat cells, this is a perfect solution for an ever lasting and natural result.

Most of the women have lost interest in just adding volume to their lips due to an unnatural result, and the fact that their where no individual approach, the result where in total contradiction with the actual trend.
By using lips lipofiling we are not only adding a natural volume to the lips, making the borders more pronounced, and modeling a perfect shape for the lower and upper lip, we are making the whole perioral area look younger and restore any possible defects on a cellular level due to the fact that we are transplanting the patient own fat !

When you start to think about lips augmentation you need to ask a simple question : what is the final goal of the manipulation ?
DO you just want to get attention to your lips ? Or do you want to make your face more harmonious and more attractive ?
Simple lips augmentation will never make your face more proportional or balance your facial features, on the contrary lips lipofiling will help you look younger, more natural and attractive.

Lips lipofiling advantages

Lipofilling, as a method of lip area correction, has a number of undeniable advantages over cosmetology procedures and is performed either as a stand alone procedure or in combination with other operations in this area of the face.
Recently, patients increasingly prefer this method, to all the others, and this for a number of reasons.
Hyaluronic acid, which has been used successfully for lip correction for a long time, is known to work by attracting water.
Patients with a tendency to swelling often complain of unnatural size and excessive swelling especially in the mornings.
Hyaluronic fillers are quite heavy, this can result (due to a swelling), in an increase in the size of the upper lip.

While transplanted fat can’t cause allergic reactions to the patient, after the post surgery period the lips will not swell, Also is is worth mentioning that the fat is a light weight filler it will conserve the natural aspect of your lips and will stay in the inserted position for ever aging natural with the body.
Finally fat cells are rich in growth factors, when inserted in the new area they kick start a restoring process to all the surrounding tissue, witch result in a match younger and smoother skin, it also helps the lips to get their natural color back.

Transplanted fat is convenient for the formation of a natural white fringe. This allows us to create a beautiful light “bend” on the upper lip, which visually shortens the distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip.
Fat cells are always needed when we carry out not just lip volume correction, but also work, for example with DAO muscles (muscles that pulls the corners of the mouth downwards). Wrinkles spoil the appearance, make the chin unnecessarily tense, and the facial expression perpetually unhappy. We can solve this problem surgically, the DAO muscles are cut, and the zone above the lip is corrected by lipofilling.

From a aesthetic point of view, lips lipofiling gives the most natural result, and is essential to solve most of the problems related to the lips and perioral area.

Before and after pictures, lips lipofiling

lips augmentation lipofiling moscow

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Фото до и после Non-surgical blepharoplasty

Often when people speak of blepharoplasty without cuts, they mean transcongual plastic surgery of the lower eyelids – when the incision is made by the surgeon on the inner side of the lower eyelid and after the surgery, there are no visible traces, such as stitches or scars.

But in our practice, when we speak of eyelid surgery without cuts we mean a totally different approach !

Non-surgical blepharoplasty

One of the most recurrent problem for patient that come to us asking for a blepharoplasty is a formation of « bags  under the eyes ». Often they don’t see that the problem is present on a totally different level, and generally the problem is the teardrop groove.

When we use the traditional blepharoplasty approach to treat this problem, we end up with patients that get either dark circles under the eyes, or worse, a lower eyelid deviation and an unaesthetic deepening under the eyes !

In our opinion we need to take a totally different approach to this problem !
By adding volume under the lower eyelid, we can not only hide the excess fat (due to the leveling of the excess fat and the cavity under the tear sulcus). But we can also achieve a smooth and rejuvenated lower eyelid, surrounding skin. this is due to a fact that the transplanted fat is rich in growth factors, and this starts a rejuvenating process on a cellular level in the eyelid and in all the surrounding skin

Name role
TGFB1 transforming growth factor Beta 1   Eliminate the probability of skin inflammation, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, eliminate cell apoptosis (programed cell death)
PDGF Platelet-derived growth factors   plays a major role in the process of survival and regeneration of cells
IGF1 Insulin-like growth factors   Growth stimulation, cell migration, synthesis of collagen
FGF1 Fibroplast growth factors   increase the growth of blood vessels, increase the quantity of fibroplasts
EGF Epidermal growth factor  kickstart the processus of renewal and cell division
VEGF Vasculo-endothelial growth factor  increase blood flow

In the table you can see some of grow factors that are present in the transplanted fat, and their role in the rejuvenation process.

Before and after picture:
In this case the lipofiling procedure helped to get rid off « bags undertake eyes » and to level the lower eyelid with the cheekbones.

  before after picture lipofiling

This operation is only possible if the patient does not have excess skin! Patients with excess skin under the eyes will need to have the excess skin removed

Non Surgical blepharoplasty Price Dr.Grishkyan clinic Moscow


Операция Ценa
Липофилинг средней зоны лица, включая нижние веки   132000
Липофилинг верхних век (включая забор жира)   84000
Липофилинг нижних век (включая забор жира0   84000

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Фото до и после Eyelid Lipofiling

Eyelid Lipofiling – the procedure consist in transplanting the patient own fat tissues in the upper or lower eyed.
This is done to gain additional volume or when other aesthetic correction is required, for example correction of asymmetry.

Indications that you may need eyelid lipofiling

In our opinion, this procedure is indispensable in almost all the cases when a patient contact us for a traditional blepharoplasty.
This method is also frequently used as a stand alone procedure, to correct most of the aging symptoms on the eyelids (since with age, the amount of fat in the area of the eyelids becomes noticeably thinner and the fat itself migrates and deforms).

With time loss of volume in fat tissues causes the lateral edge of the eyebrow and eyelid to fall.
This creates excess skin and ptosis of the upper eyelid. By filing the void in this area (sometime with the help of a lifting), we can replace the eyebrow in it original anatomic position. By doing this we can solve the problem of excess skin problem on the upper eyelid, without resorting to a more invasive traditional blepharoplasty operation.
For most patients under 40 years old, with small amounts of excess skin we can achieve great results with this method.
You can learn more about the importance of fat tissue for your beauty in our article .

Before and after pictures of eyelid lipofling procedures

Eyelid lipofiling moscow

All the pictures


In this video you can see how the procedure is applied on the upper eyelid

As for the lipofilling of the lower eyelids, it is relevant both with a pronounced lacrimal groove, and in the presence of fat protrusions.
With the help of the restoration of the volume and alignment of the lower eyelid region it is possible to camouflage the fat protrusions and to fill the lacrimal groove.

Thus, in the absence of a large quantity of excess skin, lipofilling can restore a smooth surface and volume of both the upper and lower eyelid, without resorting to the removal of intraorbital fat.

In addition, eyelid lipofilling allows to correct such aesthetic deficiencies as asymmetry of the eyelids (natural or acquired) and to correct complications after an unsuccessful eyelid plastic surgery.

Another significant advantage of eyelid lipofiling is the rejuvenating process it starts on a cellular level. This is due to the presence of a large amount of growth factor in the fat tissue, as a result 100% of patients notice a significant improvement in skin quality !

Lipofiling of the lower eyelid

Eyelid lipofiling price in Dr. Grishkyan clinic in Moscow

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Фото до и после Lipofiling – the best result with low risk

Lipofiling- One of the most popular methods of plastic surgery and for fighting the aging process.

The method consist of transplanting the patient own fat in a zone that is in need of correction.
The most unique part of this procedure is that it is a 3 dimensional method. The transplanted tissue fills the voids created by the aging process. This guaranties a more esthetic apparence correction, and stimulates a rejuvenating press for all the surrounding tissues, due to a high concentration of grow factor in the fat.


Lipofiling benefits

  • This method guarantees a profound rejuvenation and an effective apparence correction .
  • By using the patient own tissues we completely eliminate all the allergic reaction or rejection .
  • Lipofilling is a minimally invasive and low traumatic procedure.

How is the surgery performed

lipofiling moscow

Lipofiling is surgically minimally invasive. The procedure lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour, usually under general anesthesia.
The fat issues is extracted by liposuction, centrifuged, filtered and processed to increase subsequent vascularization, and thus survival of the tissues in the transplanted zone.
In some cases, the transplant is additionally saturated with platelet mass derived from the patient’s blood (PRP-mass), for better tissue survival.

During the transplantation procedure, the fat is strictly dosed, and inserted through small holes using a disposable blunt micro-cannula.
The micro-cannula size does not exceed 0,8 mm, that allows a minimized tissue and blood vessel damage.

After the procedure, openings are not stitched, they are covered with skin colored strips, this allow the patient to directly evaluate the final result.

Lipofiling posibilites

  • Correction of the chin and cheekbones
  • Correction of the face plasticity contour
  • 3D face rejuvenation
  • neck lipofiling
  • Lipofilling of the nasolacrimal fissure, on the upper and lower eyelids
  • Lipofilling of nasolabial folds
  • Lips lipofiling
  • Lipofilling of the chest, the back surface of the hands, shins, buttocks

We can use lipofiling as a stand alone procedure for rejuvenation, or to correct esthetic defects, in this case we combine lipofiling we other plastic surgery procedures ( face surgery, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, etc.)

After a plastic surgery it is necessary to compensate the lost volume in order to avoid a « flat », stretched or skeletal face.

Corrective lipofilling gives a natural appearance and rejuvenates the skin.
With younger patient, lipofiling is a great alternative to cosmetic procedures that uses fillers, because the effect will last for ever.


The only specific conter indication is for people with a very thin skin.
For the rest the contraindication are standard:

Diseases of the cardiovascular system, infectious diseases, acute and chronic pathologies of connective tissue, diabetes mellitus, oncological and mental diseases, blood clotting disorders.

Guaranteed result

The translation tissue survival rate is not 100%, during the first month some of the adipocytes are removed from the transplanted zone with a lymph flow.
But this cells that remained in the transplanted zone, will stay their for life, since the amount of adipocytes in the body is constant ( if not diminished by liposuction), the apparence of the lipofiled zone will depend only on whether the patient will gain of loose weight after the operation.
The transplanted fat tissue in the lipofiled zone will age, and be affected by gravity in the same way as all the other parts of the patient body

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Lipofiling cost in Doctor Grishkyan clinic in Moscow

Липофилинг лица

Название операции Стоимость

Липофилинг верхних век 128000
Липофилинг нижних век 128000
Липофилинг средней зоны лица, включая нижние веки 168000
Липофилинг нижней трети лица 138000
Липофилинг лица, не включая нижние веки 188000
Липофилинг лица, включая нижние веки 208000
Липофилинг щёчной области 118000
Липофилинг височной области 118000
Липофилинг носогубных складок 118000
Липофилинг губ 118000
Липофилинг подбородка 118000
Липофилинг шеи 118000
Омоложение лица факторами роста (“Мезожир”) 118000

Цены на сайте представлены как справочная информация и не являются публичной офертой.

Липофилинг тела

Название операции Стоимость

Липофилинг груди I категория (включая 2 зоны липосакции) 252000
Липофилинг груди II категория (включая 4 зоны липосакции) 312000
Липофилинг тыльной поверхности рук (включая забор жира) 143000
Липофилинг ягодиц (не включая зоны липосакции) 182000
Липофилинг голеней (включая 2е зоны липосакции) 128000

Цены на сайте представлены как справочная информация и не являются публичной офертой.

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