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Lipofiling – The best result with a minium amount of risk

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Lipofiling- One of the most popular methods of plastic surgery and for fighting the aging process.

The method consist of transplanting the patient own fat in a zone that is in need of correction.
The most unique part of this procedure is that it is a 3 dimensional method. The transplanted tissue fills the voids created by the aging process. This guaranties a more esthetic apparence correction, and stimulates a rejuvenating press for all the surrounding tissues, due to a high concentration of grow factor in the fat.


Lipofiling benefits

  • This method guarantees a profound rejuvenation and an effective apparence correction .
  • By using the patient own tissues we completely eliminate all the allergic reaction or rejection .
  • Lipofilling is a minimally invasive and low traumatic procedure.

How is the surgery performed

lipofiling moscow

Lipofiling is surgically minimally invasive. The procedure lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour, usually under general anesthesia.
The fat issues is extracted by liposuction, centrifuged, filtered and processed to increase subsequent vascularization, and thus survival of the tissues in the transplanted zone.
In some cases, the transplant is additionally saturated with platelet mass derived from the patient’s blood (PRP-mass), for better tissue survival.

During the transplantation procedure, the fat is strictly dosed, and inserted through small holes using a disposable blunt micro-cannula.
The micro-cannula size does not exceed 0,8 mm, that allows a minimized tissue and blood vessel damage.

After the procedure, openings are not stitched, they are covered with skin colored strips, this allow the patient to directly evaluate the final result.

Lipofiling posibilites

  • Correction of the chin and cheekbones
  • Correction of the face plasticity contour
  • 3D face rejuvenation
  • neck lipofiling
  • Lipofilling of the nasolacrimal fissure, on the upper and lower eyelids
  • Lipofilling of nasolabial folds
  • Lips lipofiling
  • Lipofilling of the chest, the back surface of the hands, shins, buttocks

We can use lipofiling as a stand alone procedure for rejuvenation, or to correct esthetic defects, in this case we combine lipofiling we other plastic surgery procedures ( face surgery, blepharoplasty, breast augmentation, etc.)

After a plastic surgery it is necessary to compensate the lost volume in order to avoid a « flat », stretched or skeletal face.

Corrective lipofilling gives a natural appearance and rejuvenates the skin.
With younger patient, lipofiling is a great alternative to cosmetic procedures that uses fillers, because the effect will last for ever.


The only specific conter indication is for people with a very thin skin.
For the rest the contraindication are standard:

Diseases of the cardiovascular system, infectious diseases, acute and chronic pathologies of connective tissue, diabetes mellitus, oncological and mental diseases, blood clotting disorders.

Guaranteed result

The translation tissue survival rate is not 100%, during the first month some of the adipocytes are removed from the transplanted zone with a lymph flow.
But this cells that remained in the transplanted zone, will stay their for life, since the amount of adipocytes in the body is constant ( if not diminished by liposuction), the apparence of the lipofiled zone will depend only on whether the patient will gain of loose weight after the operation.
The transplanted fat tissue in the lipofiled zone will age, and be affected by gravity in the same way as all the other parts of the patient body

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Lipofiling cost in Doctor Grishkyan clinic in Moscow

Липофилинг лица

Название манипуляций Цены
Омоложение лица факторами роста (« Мезожир ») 60000
‘Омоложение лица и шеи факторами роста (« Мезожир ») 60000
Липофилинг щёчной области 60000
Липофилинг шеи 90000
Липофилинг средней зоны лица 140000
Липофилинг подбородка 90000
Липофилинг носогубной складки 60000
Липофилинг нижних век 98000
Липофилинг нижней трети лица 110000
Липофилинг лица, включая нижние веки 180000
Липофилинг лица , не включая нижние веки 160000
Липофилинг губ 60000
Липофилинг височной области 60000
Липофилинг верхних век 98000

Липофилинг тела

Название манипуляций Цены
Липофилинг ягодиц 150000
Липофилинг тыльной поверхности рук (включая забор жира) 115000
‘Липофилинг груди II категория 280000
Липофилинг груди I категория 220000
Липофилинг голеней 100000

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